Massey Genome Service

MiSeq instrument and checmisty

Illumina MiSeq instrument and cluster generation by solid phase PCR (bridge amplification)

Massey Genome Service provides DNA & RNA sequencing services to New Zealand researchers and students

The facility provides the following services:

  • Sanger  sequencing and genotyping using ABI3730 capillary instrumentation. Refer to ABI Sequencing and Genotyping Services for further information.
  • Bioanalyzer service for quantification and quality analysis of total RNA and mRNA samples for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). Refer to Bioanalyzer Service for further information.
  • LabChip service for quantification and quality analysis of genomic DNA, PCR amplicon, and RNA samples for NGS. Refer to LabChip Service for further information. 
  • Massey universities provide genomics services and expertise on NGS using Illumina Miseq instrumentation. Refer to Next Generation Sequencing Services for further information. 


Massey Genome Service Christmas closing time:

Massey Genome Service closes from 22nd December to 2nd January.

The last day for MGS to receive any samples will be 19th December at 10 am. If you are using overnight courier service, please send the samples on the 18th December.

The service will start receiving samples from the 5th of January at 10 am.


The MGS staff, Paul Dijkwel, Xiaoxiao Lin, Lorraine Berry, Richard Fong, Pani Vijayan, Dave Wheeler and Mauro Truglio, would like to wish you, your friends, and family a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

MGS Newsletter

MGS May 2016 NewsLetter.pdf (460 KB)


May 2017: Why run gels when you can quality check your DNA and RNA samples using the PerkinElmer LabChip® GX Touch HT instrument!

The Massey Genome Service (MGS) is now offering the LabChip Service for the quality and quantification assessment of DNA and RNA samples. This service is run using the PerkinElmer LabChip® GX Touch HT instrument; a high throughput microfluidic-based electrophoresis platform for the quality and quantification analysis of DNA and RNA. This service will take effect as of 1 May 2017. Read more..... 

Information regarding the hand delivery of samples to the Massey Genome Service.  Read more

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